Leadership Coach, Trainer & Mentor

My mission is to heighten skills through training, coaching and mentoring practices that instil confidence, create job satisfaction, leadership effectiveness and organisational excellence.

You are in control
of your own destiny

I have enjoyed the many highs that a life in recruitment can offer during my 20 years in the industry, and I’m proud to have trained, coached and mentored many new business leaders and high-performers in the teams and brands that I have led, including multiple top billers. 

Coaching and

The best ever you

Become the very best version of you. Whether you’re taking on new challenges or are already at the top of your game, I can help you to improve, progress and thrive.


From manager to leader

From new managers with just one or two staff, to practiced CEOs, my transformational leadership sessions are the difference between good and great…and managers and leaders.


Do better. Be better.

I’m dedicated to passing on invaluable knowledge gained over twenty years in business to help others achieve similar success.

Partner of the Seventh Wave programme

A series of six incredible workshops, leaving you to create the most powerful Seventh-Wave®. Drive yourself and your business irrevocably forward using the skills you have gained. Easy.

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Workshop 1

Getting to know yourself and others

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Workshop 2

The challenges of true leadership

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Workshop 3

Unlocking and applying in-the-moment leadership

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Workshop 4

Challenging my effectiveness

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Workshop 5

Influencing the wider team and stakeholders

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Workshop 6

Putting it all together to make a real difference

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A contingent
staffing specialist

I’ve acquired strong leadership skills during my time working as a Director, specialising in contingent staffing and building numerous recruitment brands from the ground up. I’ve worked across various markets and geographies, which has provided me with the breadth and depth of experience necessary to now dedicate my career to developing and coaching the next generation of sales professionals and leaders.

"My approach is supportive, collaborative and hands-on."

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