Recruitment Industry Expertise


Do better. Be better.

I’m dedicated to passing on invaluable knowledge gained over twenty years in business to help others achieve similar success.

What do we cover in the sessions ?

People development

As a coach and mentor, I’m passionate about people development. I support individuals or entire teams, introducing techniques for improved workplace happiness, confidence and engagement, to realise personal and professional goals.

I offer advice on what people and companies can do better to be better, with the ultimate goal of achieving ROI.

Business strategy

I’m proud of a hugely successful background working with some of the UK’s most successful recruitment companies. Having reached director level, I specialise in commercial strategy, service offerings, contracts and client experience.

I’ve enjoyed a holistic view of all elements of business and can help you to refine and strengthen your strategy. 

Recruitment training

For recruitment businesses wanting to improve their resources, processes and people, I offer specialist recruitment training to ensure your teams (and company) remain competitive. 

From a review of your processes, to polishing key recruitment skills, I work with individuals or teams to encourage top performance.


How often do I need to meet with you for mentoring/coaching sessions?

This is completely dependent upon your individual situation – where you are currently and what you’re hoping to achieve. Generally, I’d recommend meeting a minimum of once a month for the first few sessions at least, with longer gaps in between catch ups as time goes on. 

Ultimately, my services are tailored to each client and after an initial consultation I’ll put an appropriate and mutually agreeable plan in place. I’ll always try to accommodate any requests for additional sessions clients feel they need.

Are your sessions face-to-face or can they be done remotely?

Any of my training workshops, coaching or mentoring sessions can be carried out either in person or virtually. I’ve historically done sessions online and over the phone, and in the wake of the pandemic this has become even more popular. 

As personal relationships are so important for the work I do, for companies wanting ongoing/long-term support, I’ll normally aim to visit for an initial introduction. I’m based in Essex but can travel anywhere in the UK, if required.

I’m keen to develop through coaching/mentoring, but I’m so busy! How can I find time to concentrate on this as well as my day job and family commitments?

I can honestly say that 99% of my clients are super-busy. They’re motivated, ambitious professionals – and that’s what brought you here too, right? If you can commit to an hourly session with me at pre-agreed, mutually suitable times much of the planning and reflection work we’ll do will double up as tasks you’d do in your day-to-day role anyway. And, as part of your coaching/mentoring we can work on activities and strategies that will help you to win back more time each day.

I’d like to roll out leadership training to all the leaders across my company. But they’re all at completely different experience levels. Is the training suitable for both new leaders and more experienced management?

My training is suitable for all levels and tenures. The underlying theory is applicable to all leaders with any amount of experience. 

Workshops can be arranged to include all of your leaders at once, or if training different levels is more fitting for your organisation, I’ll of course run multiple sessions and tailor them as required.

Your background’s recruitment. Can your support be applied to other industries?

Absolutely! I’ve twenty years’ experience in business and people performance. I reached director level so have gained insight into all areas of business and strategy. My work now is based on fundamental theory that underpins achieving in any sense; whether you’re trying to reach personal/professional goals, lead your staff to success or drive an entire company, I can always offer relevant support and advice.

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